Request Reconsideration of an Item

Procedure for the Requesting Reconsideration of a Library Item

The following steps will be used when an individual feels that further action is necessary to address concerns about a library resource. For the duration of this process, the material in question will remain in circulation in the library collection. 

  1. There may be occasions when a member of the community may be concerned about a particular item in the Library's collection. If a patron wishes the Library to reconsider material that is in the collection, a formal request is made by using the library's Request for Reconsideration form. 
  2.  This form must be completed in its entirety and returned to the Library Director or a Library staff member who will deliver it to the Director. 
  3. Once the form is received, the Director will review the request, using the criteria used in selecting the item, its place in the collection, and reasons for including the item in the collection. Within 10 days of receipt of the request the Director will then provide a written response to the patron, stating the reasons for the decision. 
  4. If the Library user is not satisfied at this level, the Library Board of Trustees will convene a review committee including the Director, at least two Board members, and [optionally] an outside party with expertise in the field. The municipal commission does not make operational decisions for the library nor does it make decisions about materials in the library’s collection. The Library Board review committee’s decision is final and the patron will be notified of the decision. 

Request Form

Request for Reconsideration of Library Materials Form (PDF)

Collection Development Policy

Collection Development Policy (PDF)

ALA Library Bill of Right Resources

ALA Library Bill of Rights