Democracy in America

Top section of US constitution in front of a section of American Flag

Democracy in America--An Introduction to Voting Rights History 
Monday, September 12, 2002 
7-8:30 p.m. 
Mt. Lebanon Public Library, Meeting Room A 

Please join Pete DiNardo (Mt. Lebanon High School, History Department) and Mike Naragon (Winchester Thurston School, History Department Chair) for an introduction of voting rights history in America. The talk will focus on the legislative history of voting rights and will explore the breadth of this history from the nineteenth century through the current cases the Supreme Court will be dealing with this fall (Moore v. Harper and independent state legislature theory). There will be a 30-minute audience Q & A following the 60-minute talk. 

Registration is required for the in-person event at the library. No registration is required for attending the event virtually.

To register for the in-person event, use this link.

To join the event virtually on September 12, use this Zoom link.

Democracy in America--The Midterm Elections 
Tuesday, October 11, 2022  
7-8:30 p.m. 
Mt. Lebanon Public Library, Meeting Room A 

Please join The League of Women Voters of Greater Pittsburgh for an informational discussion on preparing for the midterm elections. The talk will an overview of the vast amount of resources available online from the League of Women Voters of Greater Pittsburgh that will assist you in being an informed voter.  Registration is required. 

Registration through this link is for in-person event attendance only.

Virtual Access forthcoming.

Banned, Burned and Boycotted: Culture Wars Over Ideas Considered Dangerous or Inappropriate
Monday, October 24, 2022  
9 p.m. 
Beth El Congregation, Suffrin Chapel
1900 Cochran Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15220

The culture wars revolving around what information youth are exposed to have engulfed Americans over the past two years. But there's a much longer, millennial-long history of the efforts to bar certain ideas or realities from public space. In this talk, Mt. Lebanon resident, historian, and educator Pete DiNardo reviews historical moments when these efforts flared and examines themes such as obscenity and sex, religion, race and ideology, as well as conflicts in Lebo's history. While books are the focus, the talk also occasionally draws in movies and other forms of art. Sponsored by Beth El, Mt. Lebanon Public Library and The Historical Society of Mt. Lebanon. 

Registration is not required. 

Please contact Neal Ash (412- 999-6622) at Beth El for additional information.