Craft Ideas with CreativeBug: 

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CreativeBug has a lot of great ideas for Halloween. There are 63 classes offering tutorials and classes which provide the skills to make costumes, crafts and decorations for Halloween. There are 39 classes just for holiday party planning.  One of the nice things about CreativeBug is the search feature. You can look at classes based on their content, whether the classes are short or long, whether they are for beginners or whether they are technique based. Once you find an instructor you like, you can search for classes by them as well. You can also sort your results by most popular or most recent.

Embellishing Store-Bought Masks:

Wearing masks may be getting tiresome for some, but this time of year, a mask you have made yourself is a great way to define your Halloween persona. There are several mask making classes. There is a 49 minute class on embellishing store-bought masks with simple felt and beads.

Felt Beards: If you need a quick beard, there’s a brief class on making felt beards.

Halloween Makeup

Face Painting

Costume Class:

For those attempting a complete costume, here is a one hour intermediate class that would help you get your super hero off the ground!

Heads in a Jar Craft:

If you’re not squeamish, you might try the 13 min. class on making heads in a jar à la Silence of the Lambs. I’m definitely staying 6 feet away from those heads!

Traditional Spooky Decorations in Jars:

If those jars give you nightmares, try these other more traditional spooky decorations in jars.

Clothespin Dolls:

A brief class, just 26 minutes, and could be watched as a craft activity for your family. Once you’ve learned to make the dolls, you can adapt the theme to make other holiday or everyday dolls.