Colson Whitehead Event Parking Information

The Wednesday, April 26, lecture with Colson Whitehead at Mellon Middle School has sold out. That means 1,000+ people will be attending; parking lots around the school will be maxed out.

If you have tickets, please consider the following:
•    Carpooling
•    Using Uber or lyft
•    Being dropped off by a friend or significant other
•    The T (for those coming from points North)

If you are driving, we suggest the following parking options:
•    The Library/Southminster Church Lot—accessible from Hazel Drive and Castle Shannon Blvd
•    Mellon School Lot (across from the library on Castle Shannon and right before Cornell Place)
•    Street parking
•    The South Lot (across from Mellon school at the start of the business district)
•    The South Parking Garage (next to the municipal building)

For those willing to walk a distance:

•    Alfred Street Parking Lot (between Washington Road and the T line)
•    The North Parking Garage (Washington Road at the top of Cedar Blvd)
•    Cedar Lot (on Cedar Blvd across from the Florida Avenue intersection)
•    The Academy Avenue Parking Lot (Behind the PNC Bank and across Academy Ave from Rolliers)


•    Doors open at 6 pm.
•    The event is in Mellon School Auditorium. Please use the Washington Road entrance. There will be no admittance from the Castle Shannon entrance.

Washington Road Business District Parking Map