Team Rules (Battle of the Books 2022)

1. The game begins by pulling a team name out of a “hat.” Whichever team name is pulled starts the battle.

2. A question will be directed to the first team. The team members may consult and the team has 10 seconds to answer the question. If a team member yells out an answer, that answer will be used. If the team forfeits the question or the incorrect answer is given, the question will be read for the remaining teams. After the orator says, “GO” the remaining teams hit the buzzer. Whichever team buzzer registers first gets asked the question. That team then has FIVE seconds to provide an answer. If they cannot provide an answer in five seconds, the question will again be presented to the remaining eligible teams for a buzzer round.

3. If a team continually hits the buzzer prematurely that team will forfeit one turn. They will be warned before this rule is enforced.

4. If a team is overly forceful or out of control with the buzzers, they will lose a turn.

5. The next question will be asked to the second team (using clockwise rotation). The same procedure will prevail.

6. If the provided answer to a question is ambiguous or there are two correct answers, the question will be disregarded and another question will be asked to the same team.

7. Coaches and parents cannot help participants with answers.

8. Total number of points at the end of wins the battle.