Information for Coaches (Battle of the Books 2022)

  • Battle of the Books 2019 registration starts on June 1, 2022. Please note these other important dates.
  • June 23, 2022 – last day for anyone to register to participate
  • Battle Day - Wednesday July 27 –4th Grade teams at 6:00; 5th grade at 7:30p.m.
  • Students must have a completed registration form to the library by the deadline (June 23) to participate.  
  • Your main jobs as a coach are to:
    1. Coordinate the reading list so that each book is read by at least one person on the team.
    2. Make sure the kids write at least two questions for every book (and make sure the questions fit the criteria below).
    3. Help your players feel like a team.
  • Questions may not be in the “yes/no” format.  Questions should not be too specific and impossible to answer.  One question (and answer!) per ½ sheet because the question sheets are used in the battle. Therefore a list of questions and answers will not work. Coaches can review their team’s questions and answers. 
  • Questions can be turned in to the library at any time but must be received by July 22 to be used in the battle
  • Reading lists will be available on June 1st. Books can be requested from other libraries at any time.  This can be done from your home computer or by speaking with a librarian. Encourage your players to request from other libraries rather than waiting for the book on the BOB cart.  If you’re having a hard time getting a particular book, let Elizabeth know. Audio and ebooks count.
  • Team meetings help the players feel like a team and help to ensure that all the books have been read, questions have been submitted and answers/knowledge is shared.  You are welcome to call the library (412-531-1912x4) to schedule a team meeting in the story room.  Please contact your team and try to meet at least twice before the first battle.
  • Coaches are not permitted to sit at the table with their team during the battle.  They can sit near the team but CANNOT help with answering questions.
  • Team sizes are not restricted but might be altered to evenly distribute players.  Your team may have players added to it.  All players can enrich your team and question-answer performance!  We can only have eight teams per battle.  If more than eight teams register, we will discuss combining teams.
  • If you have any questions please check our FAQ page or contact Scott Buchanan at the library (email is preferred) or can call at 412-531-1912x4.
  • To register as a coach, please contact Scott.