Other Electronic Devices

Sony Reader / Kobo / Literati Reader & E-Pub Format Compatible Readers

You can access library-provided eBooks on these devices.  Instructions are identical to the Nook instructions (non-tablet version) found on the previous page. View the instruction sheet.


OverDrive no longer supports a native BlackBerry app, but you still may be able to view some content on your device.  Visit the BlackBerry OverDrive help page for more information. 

    Mac & PC Desktops / Laptops

    You can read library-provided eBooks on your PC or Mac simply by viewing the complete quick start guide on the help site or by following these instructions:

    • Download Overdrive Media Console on your home computer (will not work on library computers)
    • Download Adobe Digital Editions on your home computer (will not work on library computers)
    • Find and download compatible content from the library system's Overdrive pages
    • Read eBooks using Adobe Digital Editions