The Mt. Lebanon Public Library provides informational resources, programs, and services for the personal enrichment, education, and enjoyment of all citizens and for the betterment of the community.

The Mt. Lebanon Public Library will enhance its status as one of the premier public libraries in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Principles For Excellence

Mt. Lebanon Public Library (MLPL) has adopted Principles for Excellence which, with the accompanying standards, guide us as we fulfill our mission. These principles inspire our work, help us chart an ambitious direction for the future, and ensure that the library excels as we serve our community.

MLPL is dedicated to providing the community with services and programs that not only reflect the wants and needs of its patrons but also enhances and contributes to the development of the community.
Public Engagement
  • Serve as a community gathering place
  • Solicit and uses feedback from patrons and community leaders
  • Produce a comprehensive newsletter available in multiple formats
Friends of the Library
Support the Friends’ activities and collaborates on programs and services.

The library’s facility layout strives to do the following:
  • Reflect current needs and actual usage by patrons of all ages
  • Accommodate changes in media formats
  • Provide easy access for patrons with disabilities
  • Attract new patrons
Information Node
Serve as a community information center, linking patrons to other community resources and user-created content available via the library web site.
Sustainable Funding and Advocacy
MLPL depend on sustainability of resources through prudent stewardship of finances and partnerships what enrich services, expand outreach, and leverage public investment through private support.
Capitalize on new revenue streams to supplement existing government funding; The library’s cost structure is efficient and effective.
  • Define and communicates the role of the library to stakeholders
  • Create partnerships and develops new partnerships in atypical arenas
  • Engage in the political process to advance the mission of the library
  • Use a comprehensive, consistent marketing strategy for all communication and identification of the library
  • Fundraising events are attractive and fun for patrons
  • New events are relevant to the times and appeal to a broad demographic
  • Conduct integrated fundraising with Friends of Library
Quality Library Services
MLPL provides services and programs that promote discovery, reading learning, and teaching through a wide variety of media and methods.
  • Maintain and enhance community-centered collections
  • Offer recreational reading and media and other services that foster the love of reading and provide academic support and intellectual growth
  • Provide digital resources and access to other scholarly networks to serve researchers, lifelong learners, and the intellectually curious.
Reference and Research
  • Provide friendly, useful assistance to all patrons
  • Support research, scholarly, and literacy needs of the community
  • Provide invigorating programs that offer opportunities for discovery in stimulating and engaging settings
  • Provide scholastic support for students
  • Provide learning opportunities for all ages and skill levels
Early Literacy Center
  • Serve as the premier regional resource for early childhood literacy
  • Provide programs that are both educational and fun and are specifically designed for young learners
Technology and Innovation
MLPL provides access to and training in innovative technology, electronic resources, and digital information.
  • Digital Presence - Maintain a website that is relevant and easily navigated along with social media outlets and blogs that are used in an effective manner.
  • Instruction and Training - provide training programs to meet the needs of the public and training for staff on existing and emerging technologies.