KSR Instructions

What Is Kids Summer Reading?
Kids Summer Reading is a fun and easy way to motivate yourself to read lots of books over the summer!
This year we are offering a program for children age 4 and up, and a separate Little Rockers program for children birth to age 3.

What Do I Do?
Read books! Or have someone read to you. To finish the program you must read for at least 8 hours. Audio books count toward your goal. Kids birth to age 3 finish the program after sharing 20 books and early literacy practices with their caregivers.

How Do I Register?

Go to:  www.mtlebanonlibrary.org/kids — Kids Summer Reading
After you have signed up, come to the Children's Desk and add your name to our Kids Summer Reading paper chain.

How Do I Record the Books I Have Read?
  • Place a sticker in your reading log for each 20 minutes you read.
  • For each hour read, you can collect 1 Book Buck at the Children’s desk and spend it in our Book Buck shop in the children’s library.
  • The Book Buck Shop opens July 2 and will be open everyday during the library’s operating hours until Friday, August 10, 2018.
  • Little Rockers: Caregivers check off numbers in the reading log for every book read. After reading 20 books, check in at the Children's desk for a free book and a special prize!

How Do I Finish the Program?  
To officially finish you must:
  • Read (or listen to) at least 8 hours of books--Little Rockers share 20 books with a caregiver.
  • Record the hours you read on your reading log--Little Rockers record books read
  • Bring your reading log to a librarian to finish Kids Summer Reading & receive any remaining Book Bucks plus other prizes
  • You must do all this by 5pm on Friday August 10, 2018!

I’ll be on vacation the last week of Kids Summer Reading and I still need to finish—what should I do?
Call or email us and we can make arrangements! Just remember, these calls & emails must be made before 8 pm on August 7.

What If I Read More?
After you collect your eight Book Bucks, you can turn your reading log over and complete additional challenges--including additional reading--to earn raffle tickets for a prize drawing in August. You can receive 1 raffle ticket for every 1 hour of extra reading or other challenge completed. A maximum of 8 raffle tickets may be earned.
Little Rockers are not eligible for raffle tickets--reading is also its own reward!