Language Groups

Group Language  Description Meeting Days Time  Contact 
Conversational Chinese and Chinese Culture  Chinese Practice conversational Chinese and explore Chinese culture. All levels welcome.  View calendar of events for meeting rooms and potential changes  7 - 8:45 p.m. Carissa Yu
Xiaolin (Charlene) Zang
English Conversation English Practice your English in an informal setting. Session is presented in cooperation with the Greater Pittsburgh Literacy Council     Peggi Kelley 
Francophone Literature and Culture  French Led by Dr. Carol Kaplan, will read and discuss in French the modern and classical writers of the Francophone world. View calendar of events   Dr. Carol Kaplan
French Conversation  French Practice your French in an informal setting. View calendar of events   Dr. Carol Kaplan
German Conversation  German   View calendar of events   Dr. Edith Krause   
Advanced Italian Conversation  Italian  A fun group for reading and speaking Italian. Every Thursday 10 a.m. Sara Maruccio 
Morning Spanish Literature and Conversation  Spanish Converse every week in Spanish on different topics. Every Monday 10 a.m.  Pat Crouch Miyamoto

Ph: 412-531-1912